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Cisita Parma is a non-profit consortium that promotes the industrial culture of the territory and develops a comprehensive series of initiatives aimed at providing participants with education and training in line with the actual needs of enterprises/territory. Since 1987 CISITA PARMA is engaged in the training and development of medium/high level managerial and technical skills for companies in the province of Parma (especially for agro-food, ICT, mechanics, automotive). Currently CISITA PARMA has a team of 30 employees. The activity of Cisita Parma focuses mainly in three areas:

  • Training for companies and their employees
  • Training for young people and job seekers (post-secondary and tertiary level)
  • Research and experimentation of innovative methods of training, counseling, information and orientation

Cisita Parma has developed partnerships in order to foster dialogue between the actors of the territory and to collect additional elements of identification of training needs.





Spell is a training and consultancy company. Through theatre and videomaking, Spell helps clients improve the way they communicate with their relevant stakeholders. Because serious, isn't boring.



ISISS Galilei-Bocchialini-Solari school complex


Our School Complex provides different levels of education, all dealing with food and agriculture, which is the clear vocation of the City of Parma and its surroundings, such as the whole Region, Emilia – Romagna, in Italy. It is attended by 1600 pupils. Around 200 teachers work there. Our School Program is designed to help the pupils make important connections between the natural world and human activities, through an interdisciplinary approach to food and agriculture, which provide them with the knowledge base and technical proficiency needed to be successful with a career in agronomy. It is comprised by the following: ITIS – Galileo Galilei, ITAS –Fabio Bocchialini, IPSASR – Stanislao Solari,




CICIA - Centrul de Incubare Creativ Inovativ de Afaceri – CICIA (Creative and Innovation Business Incubation Center)


CICIA Association was created in 2003 and participated in programs like Active Employment Measures program types in economic restructuring times and acquired experience and expertise on promoting entrepreneurship for laid off staff. On this occasion, it applied policies on equal opportunities, attracting youth, people with disabilities, providing special conditions for participation in project activities. Other experiments consisted of conducting business and employment routes through the county’s towns to promote funding opportunities, project management, strategic planning, evaluation studies on resources and opportunities, presentations of solutions and modern tools for local development in which an important place is occupied by local human resources, need for change (including mentality) to aspire to competitiveness, need for local consumer market to ensure the operation of economic units and ensuring job stability.

  • Participation in two panels of experts: Innovation Expert, Danish Technological Institute-Centre for Policy and Business Analysis, CE, project to develop EC recommendations for the 2020 Strategy in Innovation in services and European Cluster Observatory Phase III- Promoting better policies to develop world-class clusters in Europe.
  • Projects implemented or under implementation : PNUD, PHARE, EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND, Youth in Action, Erasmus+ and Europe for Citizens.




BCCI – Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry /BCCI/ is a nationally represented horizontal non-profit private NGO with about 53000 associated members, registered in the Trade Register at the Chamber. Its activities and provided services cover the whole geographical territory of Bulgaria through the nationally represented membership and through the network of the 28 regional chambers of commerce and industry, incorporated in a nationally represented structure. Its priorities concern the representation and advocacy of the interests of its member companies and of the business circles and entrepreneurs in the country.

BCCI is based on principles of voluntary membership, autonomy and self-financing and seeks to establish ethical and socially responsible relationships in business. Business training, promotion of startups and support of entrepreneurship initiatives are priority activities of the BCCI and of the 28 RCsCI. The Chamber provides services and assistance to SMEs for the internationalization of their activities. BCCI is a holder of ISO 9001:2008.




Professional High School of Food Technology - “Prof .D-R. Georgy Pavlov”, Sofia


Professional High School of Food Technology “Prof. D-R Georgy Pavlov” was established in 1951, as a technical school for meat and meat products. It was the first school of this kind in the country. The school offers four specialties with 4-years period of training “technician – technologist in manufacture of meat and meat products”, “technician – technologist in manufacture of sugar and sugar products”, technician – technologist of milk and milky products” and “technician – technologist of alcohol and soft beverages”.

Technology is integrated throughout the school curriculum. Students receive vocational training in the major leading companies holding a certificate for exporting products to the European Union. Throughout the learning process they get acquainted with the modern technologies for production of food products, tailored to the European requirements. The school is proud with its rigorous academic programs, which are designed to train each student to think critically, speak and write clearly and apply their knowledge towards 21- century problem-solving. A large numbers of our graduates have made a career as employees in state-owned or private companies.

The mission of the school is to enable all of our students to become slef-directed, life-long learners who use their minds well and are caring, reflecting and thoughtful adults. We’re using food technology as the integrating force for teaching and learning for a sustainable future. Students are engaged in interdisciplinary project-based learning, portfolio development, internship and entrepreneurial ventures.




Confederação Nacional dos Jovens Agricultores e do Desenvolvimento Rural - CNJ

7. CNJ

The Portuguese National confederation of young farmers and rural development, established in 2000, promotes the interest of the rural world and of the young rural entrepreneurs: it represents more than 13.685 farmers, divided into 16 regional associations. CNJ works with all kind of school institutions to promote a healthy nutrition, highlighting the role and importance of agroindustrial entrepreneurship and of the rural world in general to reach a sustainable and better future for everybody.




Technological high school “Aurel Rainu”


Our high school has 483 students who learn in 20 classrooms, 480 students are Romanians and 3 are part of a gipsy minority. Half of them are from the villages around, the others are from Fieni. 150 students have their parents abroad and they are, at home, with their grandparents. Our high-school's students proceed, mostly, from modest families with low wages and that is why they receive social scholarships. We have in our high school 7 students with disabilities, too. The present profile of the school is:

  • Theoretical profile – 8 grades/forms¸ Sciences – mathematics and computers, Philology
  • Technological profile – 12 grades/forms : Economics. Mechanical , Electronics, Construction supplies/materials



Escola Profissional Agrícola Quinta da Lageosa


The Vocational Agricultural school Quinta da Lageosa is located in a rural area, in the center of Portugal. It is a public school. As a result of its great localization at the “heart of Cova da Beira” the school has a farm of about 330 hectares distributed by forest, pastures, floriculture, horticulture and vineyards. Intensive animal production like sheep, cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, ducks, geese are developed here. It is an important resource.

The school also has an important heritage with a diverse set of buildings, with emphasis on the livestock breeding sector, warehouses and a workshop. In the central school building, there are the administrative services, the amphitheater, the teacher’s room, the library, the lab, the computer’s room, the reprography, the stationary and four classrooms. There are another two blocks of classrooms: one with two, and the other with six.

There is also a mechanical room, a sporty space, a male and female boarding school and an agricultural museum. The school offers students career technical training in: agriculture mechanics, horticulture, fruticulture, and forestry, gardening and equine science. The increasing openness to the community with the creation of partnerships and protocols with regional, national and international institutions allows a more adequate training to the current entrepreneurship. The mission of this school is to prepare students for social responsibility, employment and post-secondary education through rigorous applied technical programs.




G. G. Eurosuccess Consulting LTD - Cyprus


Eurosuccess Consulting, through a dynamic team of young scientists provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of modern Cyprus enterprises especially on matters like innovation and technology. EUROSUCCESS identified, from the initial steps of its operations, the need for creating links between the Cyprus economy and the wider European market and put great emphasis on the exploitation of the potentials created by the accession of Cyprus in the European Union.

Today EUROSUCCESS offers a variety of services to the Public, as well as the Private sector of Cyprus. It has also started to actively participate in international schemes, through a well-established network of partners abroad, based on the intense past experience of its founder. It is specialized particularly in dissemination.

EUROSUCCESS aims to a constant improvement of its offered services, as well the development of its team which will give the opportunity to enhance its scientific sector of expertise.
Furthermore, Eurosuccess Consulting has extensive experience in relation to coordinating and managing European research projects. Based on all of the above, Eurosuccess Consulting participates in consortiums and supports to the maximum extent possible the desired approval and consequently the successful implementation of such proposals.

Furthermore, the company is associated with a wide range of partners (research institutions and businesses, Universities, non-profit organizations etc.), from various EU countries, who at any time are able to support and assist at any request, depending on the nature and needs of each proposal individually.



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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